Greater Lincoln Obedience Club

Notice: GLOC follows Southeast Community College guidelines on issues related to masking and social distancing

Welcome to the website of the Greater Lincoln Obedience Club. Founded in 1963, we offer a comprehensive training program to teach people how to train their dogs.

We are passionate about dogs and want to share our excitement with you regarding your training needs.

Let us help you train your dog to

  • walk with a loose leash
  • behave in public situations
  • do a special trick
  • be well-mannered around kids
  • be safe with you in busy traffic
  • compete in an obedience trial
  • navigate an agility course
  • join a flyball team
  • be a great family pet
  • come when called

We look forward to meeting you and your dog.

Interested in Membership?


As a member, you will get a $20 discount on each class that you take, and you will be able to take "members only" classes. After one year of membership, you will be eligible to get an Activity Pass. Instead of paying for each class, you will pay a flat rate of $300 per year for an individual Activity Pass, or $500 per year for a family pass.


There are annual membership dues of $60 for an individual or $75 for a family. The dues are due upon signing up for you first year and the first Thursday in January each year after. We also ask for 12 hours of volunteer time over the course of each year.

How do I become a member?

Come take a class with us! We want you get to know you and let you get to know us! Your instructor will be able to help you sign up as a member.