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The Barker is a monthly publication by and about the Greater Lincoln Obedience Club, its members and events. Provided free by email to all club members, past issues are available on the web site in the members’ area. To submit brags, announcements, articles, or other information, email the editor at GLOC’s physical address is 5740 Johanna Road. The mailing address is P.O. Box 84031, Lincoln, NE 68501.

General Meeting, at 7:30 *Greeting/Introductions

*Minutes from November

*Treasurer & Committee Reports

*Old Business



Member and dog names are redacted with xxx

General Meeting Minutes January 5, 2023 


Present: xxx 


Member Meeting called to order at 7:36 p.m. 


Minutes from the November and December 2022 – motion for approval: xxx, second: xxx, Approved 


Treasurer’s Report for December 2022 - motion for approval: xxx, second: xxx, Approved 


Old Business 


Committee Reports Membership - 6 new members were introduced 


Election of Officers and Board Members – there are no candidates for the position of Secretary and of Trial Director. Only one candidate for each of the remaining open positions so there is no need for a vote. Motion for approval of the slate:xxx; second xxx, Approved. 


Sports Director - classes start on Monday, still need obedience instructors. 

A one-day Scent Work Trial (predominantly containers) will be held in July. The club has hired the same judges for the Spring and Fall trials which is not permitted so the addition of this trial with a different judge resolves the problem. Fall Scent Work trial is being moved to earlier in November to reduce the number of consecutive trial weekends requiring a large number of club volunteers. 

The March AKC agility trial will be held as planned despite the significant increase in the cost of renting the facility that was recently announced. 


New Business 


“Trick or Trunk” - xxx proposed an event the profits from which would be applied to the new flooring fund. The club would host a trick or treat party for dogs with dog treats, games, a costume contest, and a raffle or silent auction. Winners would receive a free class. An entrance fee would be charged for each dog. Suggested date is October 26th from 6-8:30 p.m. Location to be determined. Motion for approval: xxx; second: xxxs, Approved. 8 members volunteered to serve on a committee to plan the event. 


Open Practice Thursdays at GLOC - xxx is reducing practice to two sports per night and will rotate through them . She still needs volunteers to supervise each night. Flooring Fund (explanation for new members) - The Club wants to replace all the flooring in the building with agility flooring. To that end, the Club created a special bank account and transferred $10,000 from the General Funds account. Profits from events like trials will be added to the funds. Best Choice Labels (explanation for new members) members are encouraged to purchase “Best Choice” groceries (Russ’s and Super Saver stores) and to bring the labels to the club. Best Choice redeems those labels, paying $30 per 1,000. The Club expects to receive $90 from this year’s collection which will be deposited in the Flooring Fund. 


Awards - The annual Awards Ceremony, recognizing dogs and team achievements in 2022, will be held at the February General Meeting. Nominees for the Service Award are xxx. Xxx volunteered to create a video program to recognize those members and dogs who passed away this past year. 


Motion to Adjorn Meeting - moved by xxx; second by xxx. Approved.

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