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General Meeting Minutes October 6th, 2022


meeting called to order at 7:33pm


Present: Kim K, Jessica B, JuLee V, Sally C, Burke M, Teresa B, Teresa K, Curt A, Kim S, Sarah J, Jayne S, Juli J, Kathy Z, Judy V, Jennifer B.


Nonmembers: Fusuri and Khalid S.


Recording Secretary – Sarah Johanson


We voted on meeting minutes for the months of July, August and September Amendments to the July minutes • Under the Sport/Obedience Director section - Facebook is spelled wrong • In the Board/General section - it states “has been not” when it should read “has not been”


No Amendments to the August minutes Amendments to the September minutes • In Sport/Obedience Director section o the trial chair and trial secretary will be gifted 10 runs per trial not 10 runs per day. o Signup genius is capitalized when it should not be o The upcoming scent trial is October 22-23 not September • Cedars spooky trails set up is at 4:00pm with the event running from 4:30-6:30 Motion to approve minutes as amended by Jayne, seconded by Sally with all approving.


Correspondence - Jennifer Brown Sent Cards to Tory B. for new dog, Stephanie M. for new dog, and Judith A. for her dog put-put A sympathy card was also sent to Kerri P. for her dog Keo but this was not mentioned at the meeting. No cards need to be sent.


Treasurer report - Jeannine Beer Expenses $(5,491.09) Income $ 862.68 Net $(-4,628.41) EOM Bal $ 24,093.18 Money Mkt $ 11,683.48 Floating $(1,921.58) CAH $ 33,855.08 CAH – Cash On Hand Float is the Dog splash check as we had to send the money to them. Motion to approve the Treasury report by Jayne, seconded by Teresa. Approved by all.


Sport / Obedience Director - Jessica Bruns

Scent 1 class is always held in ring 1 due to not wanting to get the scent on the agility equipment.

CGC/Tricks testing for Sat, Oct 8th is cancelled due to lack of sign up. We will try again to offer this in the spring with better attendance.

Open building - no general sign ups until a lead position has been filled. We are hoping to add rally to the rotation of activities offered. Signup genius will be up to date.

Upcoming Trials • Scent Oct 22nd and 23rd at Nebraska Books. More information will be coming soon on crating options before the premium closes. The volunteer signup is on Facebook and will be up soon on Signup genius. • Obedience Nov 19th and 20th – no updates, all is well • Agility CPE Nov 25th and 26th – Wahoo at the fairgrounds the weekend after Thanksgiving. Hoping to do a potluck as it was a hit in years past. Volunteer list/signup coming soon. Looking for a volunteer coordinator to make sure all jobs are covered at the trial – contact Teresa B. if interested. Kathy Z. will be driving the truck. • Scent Dec 3rd – 4 rounds of containers with 1 round of vehicles. Will go from 8-5ish, also looking for volunteers • Agility AKC March 2023 – looking for a judge still. • Agility CPE April 2023 – we were approved today If you are interested in being a Trial Chair talk to Jessica.

We have a new class certificate and student evaluation form we will be using once the old ones are used up.


Kennel Committee The Kennel Policy has been sent out to the club for review, which will go into effect November 1st. We are adding to the policy that no “X” pen type kennels can be used as they are too big for the space we have and dogs can jump out of them which would be a safety concern. Questions can be directed to Jessica, Sally or Janet We will also be hanging a copy of the kennel policy on the wall by the kennels.


Building Committee The attic is cleaned. Mouse traps have been set up in the attic and around the building but none of them have been sprung. Jessica will keep checking them. Currently the attic has a wooden floor, so for ease of cleaning we are wanting to get the sticky tile we can lay down. If any club members have leftover tile from their own home projects, they would like to donate to the club let us know. Its okay if they miss match as we need this for cleaning purposes. More and more different kinds of bugs have been seen around the building. Kim is going to check with the landlord if this is something covered in our lease. If not, what can we spray/ use as we want to be mindful of our neighbors in the building so we don’t affect their stuff. Kim will also ask landlord about lights going out and getting them replaced.


Old Business Reminder – bring in those best choice labels. There is a bucket to put them in at the club.


Website – Request for pictures of club members dogs for website. The website is being updated as we go and is a constant work in progress. Please let us know if you have questions or see anything that needs to be updated.


Camera Update from Teresa - All cameras now face the right way when you watch them on the computer screen. The settings on the cameras have been changed to record when there is motion rather than continuous recording. This will hopefully increase our storage capacity without having to buy more hard drives for memory space. Currently we have a 2TB memory space and the next size up is 8TB but that comes with an upcharge. We are testing to see how much our storage increases with the motion recording before taking the next steps in buying more memory space.


Temperament Testing – Sun, Oct 9th, Volunteers need to be to the club by 8:45am. There is a lot of equipment needed for the event so set up will start on Saturday with moving things into the building and setting up stations. Currently this is an AKC sponsored test and only dogs with an AKC number can participate. In the future we are hoping to adjust this and do a Temperament assessment with the goal being rather than AKC titling to give people a tool to gain knowledge and information about their dog.


Cedars Spooky trails – Wed, Oct 19th with Booth/vendor set up at 4:00 and the event from 4:30-6:30pm. We will have a booth this year with only a few dogs who are very kid friendly. We need candy donations. There is a contest for booth decorating and a costume contest. We need to bring our own table and banner.


New Business Bylaws – Jayne has been working on updating bylaws. There will be a club email with the proposed new bylaws. They will also be published in the next barker with voting in November or December. A question was raised if we could vote in November as it was though that the new bylaws had to be published for at least two months before a vote by the club. However, it was checked and by our current bylaws there only needs to be a two week notice.


Elections – We will have 5 open positions at the election for this year for board members. These positions are president, vice president, secretary and two members at large. These will all be two-year appointments along with a trial director position which will have a one year term. Nominations can be sent to Teresa.


Flooring – We would like to create a flooring committee to organize relaying the flooring in the building. This will have to be done by ring with the goal of it being completed in the spring. This committee could reach out to potential volunteer organizations (4H, Fraternity, UNL Student Volunteer Day) to get help with relaying the flooring. Jayne is going to reach out to Leath and see what ideas they might be able to come up with. Anyone who wants to help with this please reach out to Jayne.


Auction – Jessica and Juli are collecting new and lightly used items for an auction. Profits from this auction will go towards the flooring fund for new floors. The auction will be open to the public, possibly using facebook as a platform as other organizations have done this successfully. This will be at the end of the year. Still in the planning phase but be on the lookout for more information. Dog and non-dog items will be considered.



Kaiser (Juli J ) – Open title in barn hunt

Kotah (Juli J) - Novice title in barn hunt

Margo (Sarah J) – Celebrated her two-year gotcha day.

Baxter (Teresa B)- CPE agility got 4/5 Q’s with no bars dropped, all contacts and they only missed the one because of a mix up on Teresa’s part.

Blaze (Curt and Teresa A) – received his working certificate

Rocky (Kim K) – Rocked his scent class

Meeting Adjourned Kim made a motion to end meeting at 8:47p, Teresa 2nd, and all approved