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Based upon the scores that are submitted. The scores will be averaged and the dog with the highest average will be awarded “TOP” dog award.

2021 Twisted Acres Tuesday Afternoon RN - Beth Vincent

2019 - Viktor Freeze RA RE - Teresa Barney

2018 Legacy's Sapphire Dream CD PCDX BN RAE - Mary Schweitzer

2017 Legacy's Sapphire Dream CD PCDX BN RE - Mary Schweitzer

2016 CH Bordertown Showbiz UD GO RAE2 - Mary Schweitzer

2015 CH Bordertown Showbiz UD GO RAE - Mary Schweitzer

2014 Legacy Fire Before Dawn CD RA CGC - Mary Schweitzer

2013 ??? Victorious Blaze of Gunfire CD RA NAJ CGC - Judy Vitamvas

2012 Dancin ????? Total Knockout Too CGC RN RA RE NAJ - Bob & Vicki Sinner

2010 Castle Creeks Gunsmoke CD RE CGC - Kelly Snyder

2009 Eatinrocks My-D Quinn RA - Marcella Graybill

2008 U-CD Heaven Sent Milly D'Moth CD RE - Diane Nitz

2007 Buffalo Creak ???? Scissors - Mary Kramer

2006 ???? Tuf Negotiator CGC CD NA NAJ RN - Vicky Graybill

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