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Based upon the scores that are submitted. The scores will be averaged and the dog with the highest average will be awarded “TOP” dog award.

2021 Wakemup Games with Northern Lights UDX PCDX GN GD CGC - Marilyn Scheffler

2019 CH TES Right On Queue UD - Robin James

2018 CH TES Right on Queue UD - Robin James

2014 Darlin's Makin' A Splash UD - Vince Kamrath

2013 CH Legacy Clair de Lune UD AX AXJ - Lisa Black

2012 Steel CGC UD RA NA - Rosalie Claussen

2010 Schroeder Henry UD CGC - Marilyn Scheffler

2010 Lacy's Duke Dandy UD VCD2 RE - Georgette Wolters

2010 CH Bordertown Showbiz UD GO RE CGC - Mary Schweitzer

2009 Konya Tyme UD RE NA NF - Lisa Black

2008 CH Llyr's legacy On Fire UD RE OA NAJ NAP NJP U-CD UAC-Mary Schweitzer

2007 Silver Stone Elsa to Ease UD - Sherry Wolf-Drbal

2006 Ch Jamaica the Painted Prarie UD - Jill Morstad

2005 Milo III CDX UD TD - Hope Sass

2002 Ridgeland Anastasia Alexi UD - Kim & Pat Wiseman

2000 Tipper CGC UD - Margot Peterson

1999 Ch Jamaica Kite-Tail CGC UD - Jill Moestad

1998 Vince's Friendly Lil' Girl CGC UD - Vincent & Maxine Kamrath

1997 U-AChX/U-UD Brasstax Backfire UDX CGC AAD AX NAC NJC NGC - Pat &mHarry Guticz

1995 Paisley's Phantasy Phlite UDTX NA - Dawn & Jeff Mitchell

1994 Ch ATCh Braeman's Sarkany the Hustler UD HC CGC - ANN Hemmala

1993 Brasstax Silverstreak UD CGC AGII - Pat Guticz

1991 Brasstax Backfire UD - Pat Guticz

1990 Tamara's Talkative Token UD HT AD - Donna Buddy

1989 Windway's Enchanted Odessey - Pat Wall

1988? Ch. Brasstax No Strings Attached UD HC - Pat & Harry Guticz

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